You might think that any good builder could do a good job for you, whatever the building project. But, as in every other industry, there are those who specialise in certain areas and, at the same time, have little experience in others.

If you’re looking for the best construction company to build your dream house, then you should be looking for a house builder who is used to taking things from securing the right plot of land all the way through to installing the walk-in shower in your expansive en suite.

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Premier Approved House Builder

New build specialists, Concept2Homes have been guiding clients through every stage of this tricky process since 1971. Our company is an FMB Warranted Building Contractor, a Premier Approved House Builder and a CITB Registered Company. These associations may not mean much to you, but if you spend ten minutes researching them on Google you’ll appreciate the reassurance they bring to those embarking on one of the biggest challenges of their lives.

Credibility is one thing, but proven quality is even more important for a luxury house builder. We are a proud winner of three UK property awards for new build homes and an FMB Builder of the Year regional winner.

Custom build

Our main area of specialty is custom build development, a modern concept that is rapidly becoming more popular in the UK. Custom build is the ideal way forward for those who want to build their dream home from scratch, but are worried that they lack the knowledge and experience to self-manage the whole construction project from start to finish.

With custom build, you get to design your own bespoke home alongside a specialist contractor who will take responsibility for all the logistics and day-to-day site management. You still make all the fun, creative decisions, but you leave the rest to a qualified expert. Someone like Concept2Homes.

We offer a range of different custom build packages, depending on the levels of flexibility and support that feel best for you. We offer a complete ‘fully finished’ service or we can provide you with a watertight shell and leave you to complete the interior yourself.

As new build specialists, our company includes architect and design services, fully qualified staff and site managers as well as highly experienced project managers. All working with you to help you take every stage of the project in your stride.

Fixed price build contract

Building your dream home is the project of a lifetime and will require a significant financial commitment. The good news is, with our Fixed Price Build Contract you always stay in complete control of your budget. Even before the construction work begins, you’ll know exactly what you’ll be paying at the very end of the project when you pick up the key to your luxury property.

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