This is when you buy a plot of land from us with nothing specific agreed with the planners beyond basics like siting and access.

A while ago this could have been a risky way forward because there was no guarantee that planning permission for your perfect house would ever be granted. However, our company has played a major part in introducing something called Design Codes into the UK market, and now the situation is very different.

Flexibility of Design Code

A Design Code stipulates the loose framework for the construction which can be pre-agreed with planners. This covers things like the general positioning of the house footprint, the maximum height of the building and a range of the materials to be used.

Already established in Continental Europe, a Design Code dramatically reduces the risk involved with outline planning, but still gives you the flexibility to bring the vision in your mind to life. We will work with you from start to finish to make this happen.

No unexpected bills

The first stage will be gaining detailed planning permission and we will then manage the build process throughout, using your choice of house design, internal layout and finishes. With a Fixed Price Build Contract in place, you always know where the budget will end up even before the construction starts.


If you’d like help with your project or some more information about us, we’d be delighted to help.


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