If you’re thinking about embarking on the challenge of building your own house, here’s your chance to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of someone who knows the build process inside out.

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15 steps to building your dream home

These are the 15 fundamental steps in house construction, although you could probably break each of these steps down into 15 more stages if you wanted to get into the nitty gritty of every step involved.

1. Source the right plot of land for your project

2. Arrange a mortgage, if necessary.

3. Make sure you build in a contingency of 10-20%. You’ll probably need it.

4. Apply for planning permission, if it hasn’t already been granted.

5. Employ an architect and house design team that you can really trust.

6. Employ a good contractor or all the various sub-contractors that you’ll need for the build project.

7. Draw up a thorough specification to ensure the vision in your head will be delivered.

8. Obtain a Fixed Price Quotation so you can keep a tight control over your building costs.

9. Ensure your building site set-up complies with all Health & Safety regulations.

10. Organise your gas, electrical and plumbing supplies in plenty of time to avoid costly delays.

11. Ensure a draining connection is available on site.

12. Order all your materials and supplies, such as bricks and windows, well in advance.

13. Draw up a step-by-step programme of works to ensure the project runs smoothly and ends on time.

14. Get a Premier, NHBC or similar 10-year warranty in place.

15. Manage the house construction process and all the contractors involved until your new home is built.


Put like that, we make it sound easy. And if you have suitable experience and skills, you might well find that it is. The whole process can also be incredibly rewarding.

Custom build

On the other hand, breaking the process down into all these different stages could make the challenge seem even more daunting for you. If that’s the case, you might prefer to follow the custom build option.

Custom build? This is when you bring in an expert home builder to take responsibility for the project management and all the day-to-day goings-on, leaving you to make just the fun, creative decisions involved in building your dream home.

You’ll find it’s a good way of replacing almost all of those 15 steps with just one: picking up the phone. To find out more about this easier way forward, visit custom build solutions.


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