When you look for a new home, it’s almost impossible to find one that is exactly how you’d like it with the ideal dimensions, everything in the perfect place and a weeping willow at the bottom of the garden.

That’s why some people decide to design their own dream house. For those who have previous experience and the necessary skills to manage such a complex project, it’s a wonderfully rewarding challenge. For those who haven’t, it can all seem rather intimidating.

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Custom build home designs

If you don’t feel confident managing the whole process, there’s an alternative that may suit you; it’s called custom build.

With custom build you have the opportunity to design your own home with the support of a specialist house developer who will look after the tricky bits that you don’t fancy. You still do the fun stuff, making all the creative decisions, but pass the logistical headaches on to someone who is well used to them. So how does it work exactly? You’ll have access to in-house developers, architects and interior designers who will help you secure the plot and achieve the dream home you’ve always wanted.

First, you’ll need to have an overall budget in mind, and the experts will guide you on the best ways to cut your cloth accordingly so you don’t have to compromise on your priorities. With their expertise and experience, they can guide you on what will and won’t work for local planning, saving you valuable time and money.

Creative control

As well as deciding on the final floor plan, you choose the layout and the decor of your kitchen and bathrooms. You choose the exterior and interior doors, the electrical layout and the fittings, the floor finishes, the wall tiles and floor tiles, the fireplace and the garage doors.

Better still, because you’re working hand-in-hand with a professional, you will have access to all the house designers, suppliers and materials at discounted trade rates.

But you don’t have to worry about how to manage the site and liaise with all the different suppliers and authorities to ensure that everything is done at the right time in the right way. Or stay awake at night thinking how to coordinate the site deliveries, surveys and planning permissions that are all an important part of construction.

Choose your level of involvement

You play as big or as little part in the process as you wish. There will always be an initial briefing at the site to run through your ideas and timings. Then you can attend as many of the subsequent site briefings as you like.

If you think custom build might be for you, the first step would be to start putting together an ‘Ideas Book’ so that the vision of your dream home can easily be shared with the experts who will make it happen. To find out more, visit custom build home solutions.


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