You Can Build Your Dream Home

You Can Build Your Dream Home

According to Ipsos Mori, 53% of us want to design our 'dream home' but many think the process, from finding the plot of land to managing the build may be too overwhelming. This is the beauty of Custom Build over Self Build. In the words of Chris Brown, Chairman of Igloo Regeneration, "Building your own home is a bit like making a cake – you either start from scratch or use a ready-made mix. The customer gets to design the cake but then gives it to a chef to cook it."

It is a well known fact that great plots of land are hard to come by. Specialist Custom Build developers like Concept2 offer these plots with the benefit of detailed planning, a choice of house design, work with the developer on the external look, floor layouts and internal finishes to deliver 'a turnkey' home fully managed and built by their own reputable and reliable in-house contractors. This removes all the hard work of sourcing a plot, the lengthy and often frustrating planning process and the worry of employing 'unknown' building contractors. On top of all that, the purchaser has the added benefit of a saving on stamp duty.

Did you know that under 2016 Government legislation, all councils must keep a register where people can express an interest in building their own home and these councils now have to ensure that there is enough land with planning consent to meet demand. So if this is your dream, its really that simple, just get yourself on your local register.

To help you further, did you also know that self build mortgages are offered by a number of building societies offering stage payment mortgages. There is also no Community Infrastructure Levy to pay as long as you live in your new home for three years or more. Remember this is added to the cost when buying an 'off the peg' home.

So when you feel frustrated, having looked at an 'off the shelf' house built by one of the large housebuilders and wished you had an opportunity for more choice in design, look and layout, pick up the phone and have a chat with us on 01276 534650 to see how straightforward and easy it really is!


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