Guys -are you a ‘pink’ person?

Guys - are you a ‘pink’ person?

Milan design week revealed that millennial pink has become the most sought-after colour in furniture design, this year - a muted shade of the colour – somewhere between beige and blush. The colour featured in one of the most ‘Instagrammed’ installations at the Design Week with Marc Anges’ Le Refuge, a pink bed with matching leaf canopy.

According to Sanna Wahlin, one of the designers at Swedens Note Design Studio, the main reasons for the colour's popularity is that unlike more vibrant shades of pink – it is free from girly-girl associations, so appeals to men as well as women.

"We use pink a lot and we are more men than women working in the studio,"

"When suggesting pink to our clients, they seem to feel quite brave when they say yes, and being brave in design is a good thing – it means you’re moving forward, pushing boundaries.”

The trend goes back to 2016, when Rose Quartz was one of Pantone's two colours of the year. The colour company later listed Pale Dogwood, an even closer match, on its trend forecast for spring 2017. Pink also featured frequently in Wes Andersons film The Grand Budapest Hotel.

What do you think? Will you specify something millennial pink in your new build design?


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