'Grid’ – What Do You Think?

'Grid’ – What Do You Think?

In a recent interview, Designer Werner Aisslinger was reported as saying that future bathrooms will be the only places in the home where daily rituals are more important than the universal digital world. For designers this means, creating an oasis of well-being that is also more colourful, material-oriented and ever more unconventional and imaginative.

In the last 20 years, the bathroom has become less flexible….

Funnily enough, in the place where you are most often naked – the bathroom – we tend to use the toughest and most uncomfortable materials, like tile and marble. Of course this has a functional reason, but with the finishes and coatings that are available today, it has become possible to integrate high-tech fabrics that are flexible and soft.

The Grid series designed by Aisslinger for Kaldewei has an open wire structure that supports the bathtub and washbasin. You can also equip it with individual objects of your choice, attach products, accessories and even plant-holders onto the grid, collage-style.

What do you think? Would you consider the Grid when designing your bespoke new home, Would you even place one in your bedroom! General concensus here is we couldn’t see ourselves relaxing in one of these!!


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