Custom Build Homes Explained

Custom Build Homes Explained

‘Custom Build’ is the ‘clean hands’ approach to building your own home . Put simply, we have plots of land for sale which you purchase from us together with a fixed price build contract.

This means you can have your dream home built to your exact requirements and specification, complete with a 10 year Premier or NHBC Warranty.

By working together with Concept2 you are not alone in the process and can add value at every stage of the Development.

So how can you add value?

1.    Firstly, there is a saving on Stamp Duty. You only pay Stamp Duty on the land purchase, not the end value of your completed home!

2.    Secondly, Custom Build offers flexible build options. If you don’t want a fully finished home, Concept2 can do the difficult part and build a ‘Watertight shell’ for you to complete

3.    You have the security of a fixed price build contract and Concept2 fully manage the project, leaving you to get on with your life!

4.    By opting for the fully finished model, you can make further savings on finishes by purchasing through our network of Approved Suppliers

5.    Agreed stage payments so you can manage your Budget

6.    Great savings can be made, as opposed to purchasing standard ‘ready to go’ Developer new build homes

7.    Finally – CHOICES. With a choice of design and finishes, commissioning a Custom Build home is no different from walking into a new car showroom and building up the specification on your new car

Find out more about Custom Build Homes by Concept2 and see some of the stunning homes we have built.

Alternatively, give us a call on 01276 534650 to discuss how we can help build your own dream home. It’s really not as hard as you think to make your dream a reality!


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